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The total sleep reset programme is for you if you spend time during the night staring at the ceiling when you want to be asleep.

If you just don’t seem to be able to get your mind to stop.

If you have suffered with insomnia and sleepless nights for years.

If you get so anxious about your sleep and bedtime that you stop yourself from sleeping.

Basically, if you are really tired but STILL…CAN’T….SLEEP, this programme is designed for you.

A total sleep reset is literally pressing the RESET button on your sleep. We were all born knowing how to sleep. A human being is designed to sleep, it just went wrong somewhere along the way. We want to restore to factory settings.

Achieving a sleep reset requires a joined up approach to removing all the conditions that allow sleeplessness to thrive. This must happen in the right order with each step you take building on the last so as to break all the habits of your mind and body that are keeping you stuck.


When you get the sleep you need you:

Have a clear mind and can think straight

Have a healthy body

Have more resilience to cope with life

Enjoy getting into bed at night

Look forward to things

Feel good about yourself

Engage in life fully

Look healthy



This total sleep reset requires 4 components which make up my SAFE model:

Sleep Education - Understand what is happening to you and how we are going to go about fixing it. This is the foundation for you feeling in control and understanding everything else we are going to do.

Adrenalin Reset - Learn how to positively influence your body chemistry and set your body clock so your can achieve natural sleep at the right time of night.

Freeing The Mind - Learn how to deal with the mind that ‘won’t switch off’ and manage the unhelpful thoughts that are allowing your insomnia to thrive (perhaps without you being aware of it).

Ecology Check - Your sleep needs to feel good and fit in with the rest of your life. Sleep in bed with a partner, come off medication or remove sleeping aids.

Just focusing on one or two of these components is not likely to achieve the results you are after. It needs to be all of them and it needs to be in the right order, one step at a time.

You can go through this reset process whether you have struggled with your sleep for 6 months or 20 years. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE.


This is a 6 week programme where you will receive one module per week. This is very intentional so you can absorb and master one step before you move onto the next. Having all the information in one go would not do you any favours.

The programme consists of video lessons each week which are broken down into small, digestible pieces. You will need to spend around 1 hour per week watching the materials in each module. There is an action step to take each week which I guide you through using the audio track.

The key to success in this programme depends on you implementing the action step each week. This is not at all complicated or time consuming. All it requires from you is to be PERSISTENT and CONSISTENT. It is all about practice, practice, practice. We want to retain your body and your mind to sleep well.


Pre Work

This is where you can complete the assessment and a 1 week sleep diary and tell me all about your sleep problems. With this information I can answer your questions more thoroughly and guide you in the best way possible.

Module 1 - Sleep Education

The crucial first step. I want you to understand sleep and insomnia. I want you to understand what sleep is, what is going wrong and what we are going to do about it. Why? Because this puts you in control. No more guessing. No more believing myths and half truths. It is really important to me that you are in the driving seat and you understand why everything else we do in the programme is important. Knowledge is power and even once you have got your sleep back on course, this will serve to protect you in the future.

You will also get your first audio track to use through the week.

Module 2 - Adrenalin Reset Part 1

The focus here is on understanding what needs to happen in the body for us to sleep and how we can support this to happen. We focus on learning how positively influence your body chemistry to achieve the state it needs to sleep. No more being pushed around by what happens in the day, no more feeling stuck with anxiety, no more heart racing as you get into bed, no more running on adrenalin.

Your audio track this week teaches you how to manage your body chemistry to be in the optimum state for sleep. Simple, but effective.

Module 3 - Freeing your mind Part 1

Your mind has a massive influence over your sleep. Learn all the ins and outs of how your mind is so influential on insomnia and crucially, learn how to intervene so that you free your mind and it can no longer interfere with your sleep. No more, ‘my mind just doesn’t switch off’, no more insomnia thoughts keeping you trapped in a cycle (you may not even be aware of these causing problems…yet).

Your have 2 audio tracks this week to learn 2 different techniques for freeing your mind and creating the perfect conditions in the mind for sleep.

Module 4 - Adrenalin Reset Part 2

This week we focus on two big elements that we have to get right to prevent insomnia from thriving. First, we look big picture at your life and do a ‘stress audit’. Consider all the things that could be causing stress in your system which then causes an issue for your sleep - you may not even be aware of this stress. Note that the majority of these things are internal and have nothing to do with the length of your ‘to do list’ or how busy your job is. Second, we want to make sure you are creating a strong separation between day and night in order to set your circadian rhythm (the fancy term for your body clock). Be aware this goes far beyond the general ‘no screens before bedtime’ advice.

Your audio track this week teaches you how to create a lovely separation between day and night at a level of your mind that means you barely even have to think about it.

Module 5 - Freeing your mind Part 2

Now it’s time to learn to use your mind as a positive tool to help you sleep and to protect your sleep. The skills learned in this module are essential to making sure you know how to stop a bad night triggering a chain of insomnia. We will also take the really important step of learning to trust your sleep.You will make friends with your sleep again, there is no need for it to feel like the enemy anymore.

Your audio track for this module is a powerhouse technique which, although simple, can transform your confidence to sleep. You will find you can use this technique to help you in all sorts of areas of your life, not just your sleep - a nice little bonus.

Module 6 - Ecology Check

Once you are getting a good nights sleep consistently, we want to do an ecology check to make sure it fits in well with your life. We want your sleep to feel good not precarious and we want it to make you happy. So, this week we address the wider context of your life by exploring how to go about coming off sleeping tablets, how to share a bed and how to remove sleep aids like earplugs and eye masks. We also work on letting insomnia go, releasing its power over you and your life.

Your audio this week is designed to guide you through letting go of insomnia and all of the effects it had on your life. You are now sleeping well and this is a lovely way to celebrate that and remove the burden of sleep deprivation once and for all.

+ + + BONUS CONTENT + + +

Case Studies - Hear the stories of other people who have gone through this process ahead of you. The people are presented in cartoon form to protect confidentiality but all the stories are real. You are not alone, your are not the first to go through this process. You can learn from those who have gone before.

Support from Emma - Complete the ‘All about my sleep’ assessment and your ‘1 week sleep diary’ as soon as you enrol and I will use it to explain what is going wrong with your sleep and any recommendations I have for you to get the most from the programme. I will also offer suggestions on anything else that may need to be personalised and tailored for your specific circumstances. Then if you have any problems as you progress through the programme or need clarification on something, just ask me. You can send any questions you have directly to me through a dedicated email address. I want you to feel supported through the whole process. Sometimes your questions may also be anonymised and added to the questions area of the modules so others can benefit from my responses.

Ongoing access - After the 6 weeks you will have full access to the programme for as long as you want it, so you can revisit or refresh your skills whenever you want to. Sometimes life can throw sleep challenges our way (stressful situations, having children etc) but you can handle these easily when you have this programme to refer back to.


  • Bitesized video lessons
  • Audio tracks for all your techniques
  • Case studies from real people
  • Support from Emma
  • Ongoing access so you can revisit any time

(this is everything you need to overcome insomnia)

Seem too simple? Here’s the secret - sleep problems are simple. It is not complicated or inventive. Sleep problems are predictable and follow patterns. Trust me, I have dealt with a lot of them!

It seems complicated when you are in it - that’s why you need something else to help you. You cannot expect yourself to do this alone.

Can you make your sleep a priority for the next 6 weeks? Can you invest in yourself to give yourself this basic human need- a good nights sleep.



You have to understand that that I am not magic and this is not a magic wand. There are no quick fixes to natural, reliable, easy sleep.

I need you to commit. To set aside 1 HOUR A WEEK to learn and then to IMPLEMENT what you learn. I promise it is not difficult or complicated or time consuming. I make sure to keep things simple because I know you are tired and you have a life to live.

I only need you to be PERSISTENT and CONSISTENT when you implement my techniques. Your mind and body need to relearn how to sleeping with my guidance you are going to teach them.

Enough blind hoping things will get better.

Enough staying stuck in the same cycle.

It’s time to take action.

I am ready to help you.

Get started now!

Your Instructor

Emma Ashford
Emma Ashford

Emma Ashford is the founder of “Sleep Seekers’. She is on a mission to eliminate unnecessary insomnia through her ‘Total Sleep Reset’ Programme and through providing education to prevent insomnia developing in the first place.

Emma has worked with hundreds of people in her busy private practice and discovered through experience what works when it comes to overcoming insomnia. She has been able to distil this to create her unique SAFE model which has had an enormous success rate in getting rid of insomnia once and for all. She has appeared in various media for her work and consults for the police and other organisations as part of her work.

Emma has a special combination of empathy and understanding for what you are going through mixed with a direct, no nonsense approach to the issue at hand.

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"I feel amazing!! The life I used to have and enjoy, which I thought I’d never have again – somehow with Emma’s help I gained my life back. Enjoying life and everything in my life once again. I just can’t describe the feeling! I can now sleep for at least 12 hours a day if I wanted to, sleep just seems so easy for me now. Emma helped me in ways that taught me to gain control of my own thoughts again"

Jordan, 23

"I now sleep very well – and do not experience trouble in getting to sleep or being awake for long periods during the night. As a consequence I feel much better in myself and feel that i look much better too"

Sue, 52

"I feel transformed. Sleep is longer an issue! I sleep about seven hours a night and wake up refreshed and clear headed. I still wake up occasionally, but this isn’t a problem and I drift back off again (previously impossible)"

Jez, 49

Frequently Asked Questions

I am taking sleeping tablets. Can I still do the programme?
Absolutely. Many people are using medications in some way when they start. I do address this through the programme but please be aware that I am not a doctor and I do not provide medical advice. I make suggestions for what you may wish to speak to your prescriber about. My wish for you is that you can have completely natural sleep without the need for medication but there is never any pressure to do anything. You do what feels right for you.
Can you guarantee this will fix my insomnia?
No. I would never offer guarantees because human brains and bodies are complicated things. What I can guarantee is that I have included everything in this programme that I believe you need to overcome insomnia and that I have seen it work over and over again. I will also answer your questions and support you in the best way I can.
What happens if I can’t keep up over the 6 weeks?
No problem. Once you are in the programme you will have ongoing access to it, even after the 6 weeks has ended. You will also receive any upgrades I make along the way. If you get behind you can catch up when you are ready. All I ask is that you catch up with what you have missed before you go onto the next step as it is really important that you complete the programme in the order I present it to you.
When does the programme start and finish?
The programme starts as soon as you sign up. You will get access to the first module straight away. You will then get access to the next module once a week until you have all 6 modules. The programme is designed like this so you just have one step to focus on each week. You will receive an email to remind you when each module is available.
I have had insomnia for 15 years. Am I beyond help?
Absolutely not. It does not matter how long you have had insomnia, it doesn’t take any longer to fix it after 15 years than it would for someone who had only had it for 6 months. The length of time does not make any difference. It is deciding to do something about it that counts.
Is there anyone this course is not for?
This course is designed for people who have unexplained insomnia, meaning that the sleep problems are not caused by another medical issue or medication. If you have sleep apnoea this programme is unlikely to help as you have a medical condition. If you are pregnant or currently going through the menopause and have never experienced insomnia before, this programme may not fix your sleep as you are going through significant hormonal changes. If you are on any medication with insomnia as a significant side effect, this programme may not help with your sleep.

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